Mortal's Point Of View

Doug Scofield

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New Thoughts About Old Questions

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Hunt You Down
What I loved so much, beside the hauntingly gorgeous song, was the soulful way this artist delivered it. He has the kind of delivery that Elvis Costello does--so sincere, so rich with emotion, that you believe every word and you cannot take your eyes from him. What an extraordinary talent.

The Music (Of My Life)
The Fame Game
This guy is brilliant. Amazing writing of a genre someplace between Billy Joel and Ben Folds. It's just a remarkable puzzle to know that an artist like Doug isn't as much of a household name as those two! The playing and production are completely top notch. Perfect. The vocal performance flawless. The production totally professional to my ears. I have to admit, I've heard Doug's music before, and I am already a fan. … several other decades smile through …, but it feels pretty timeless to me. Both of my thumbs are aloft. KEN MORRISON

Hunt You Down
A bit like McCartney in folk mode, after a trip to Paris and St Petersburg with Nick Cave.

Indie Masterpiece…
Listen well to this Indie Masterpiece. This is how to put a song together. Well balanced, dynamic, fine production and musicianship. A hit song if I've ever heard one. I find it amazing that Doug Scofield isn't signed up to a major. Just goes to show how stupid thry are. ARTHUR MAY

Definitely One To Watch...
A&R Executive
Nice sound... really nice. .. Really well performed and produced .. This artist is definitely one to watch folks! MAYE

Really Great...
This is really great material…THE SIREN

Great sound that out Joels Joels
Great sound that out Joels Joels,...Great production, great vocal, good musicians...undoubtably high calibre compositions.

Global Virtual Radio Show
Memories of Hall and Oates and even Stevie Wonder. Horns, twang-twang guitar, solid beat, cool groove. Im sure this young writer/musician has a long and glorious road ahead. Tune in and get to know him before he becomes a monster.

Cohen to McCartney...
Awesome! Great variety ...production ..... great music. Amazing mix of moods and styles ..... great chord and rhythm changes ... nothing predictable... great surprises around each musical corner . After listening to music for over 40 years to get to the point where you can almost predict the next chord ..not on any of these songs ... very unique and beautiful stuff ...... from Cohen to McCartney .... but best of all..mostly Scofield! Amazing job ..... and the sound is flawless. M. Morgado

-Doug Scofield's lilting yet noble score is enormously appealing. - Lisa Nesselson