From the recording Mortal's Point Of View

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Mortal’s Point Of View

Many years and generations
Have made us who we are
What survived to multiply
Has brought us just this far

But are we just wanderers
Traveling through space
Victims of mere
Chemistry, biology and Fate?

Our time is near
But far away
Hidden just out of view
Where things we never did before
Are no longer new
I can’t help but take a
Mortal’s Point Of View

Knowing why you’re here and
Where you’ve come from
Takes more than a lifetime to do
Asking more than
Can be answered with a
Mortal’s Point Of View

The greatest story ever told
From the darkness came the light
Leaving answers for tomorrow
In the stars you see tonight

Look up breathe in
Listen for the moment to begin
It makes me wonder
Is that all there is
Do all my wishes
Ever reach the heavens
Is anyone listening?