From the recording Mortal's Point Of View

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Makes Me Wonder

How could I not notice you?
When you were sitting there
Pretending not to care
Not knowing how to do it
Not having time to spare

Should have seen it coming
Like a train that’s a runaway
Comin’ my way

It Makes Me
It Makes Me Wonder
What spell we were under
When we were fallin’ in love

Then you said
Whatever made you think
That you could ever
Keep a girl like me?
It Makes Me Wonder

I could whine about the
Things you did
But then this would be a
Country song
You could cry about the
Things I said
But then that would take
Too friggin’ long

But now you’re
Counting every moment
Till you make your getaway,

So we laughed a little
We even cried a little
Then you lied a little
I was empty in the middle
What was I to do?
I was missing you
But over time I found
I had always wished you’d drowned?